Why nobody is visiting my web store if my grandma says it is awesome?

Landing in reality is one of the most difficult times when you launch into an eCommerce project. But there's an easy way to understand what's going on. To give you an idea, an online store is in many commercial aspects, like a physical store .... But in the middle of the desert! It can be the most beautiful on earth and with a unique product, but if you do not make it known to your target, and above all, if you do not generate fluid and constant traffic, you will fail. To understand how it is done, it is also necessary to apply common sense to the same example. Will you make the highway that will take customers to your store in the desert?

You have worked months for your product or you have prepared like no one in the service you want to offer, you have hired a company that has made your store as you dream it, all your friends and family tell you it will be a success .. .and the time came to throw it. Flood your Facebook and Instagram photos and tickets. You get excited about the likes of your friends and some more ... but not a sale. Where is the problem? Answer these questions: How long have you hired a professional positioning service? How much have I invested in online marketing? How many Google Analytics reports have I reviewed? Probably the answers to these 3 questions will make you understand why you do not sell. Your tent in the desert is visited by all your friends to toast the day of the opening, they go up to heaven and promise to return soon with their friends. None of this usually happens.

The most important thing to have an opportunity to generate sales, or conversions as we call them, is to invest.
Read on google how a campaign is done, watch 20 videos and follow their directions to the letter, it does not work either.
Invest in professional services that have extensive experience in positioning and campaign management, have a strong budget that is equivalent to the sales you want to have and, above all, understand that you can not think that investing 100 € will sell 10,000 €, unfortunately the market It does not work that way, and you know it.

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